Ora Pro Nobis
Due to our fully integrated production we can guarantee a high quality standard

Handmade in BelgiumWhen the founder started the company he spoke the winged words “Ora Pro Nobis” The company’s name was born.

Ora Pro Nobis is one of the most prominent manufacturers in handmade rugs. We are one of the only companies where the production is still made for 100% in Belgium. Our company also received the official label “Made in Belgium”. The knowhow and quality are in line with the textile tradition of the country.

The studio has a unique production system that gives the possibility to produce rugs in one piece to your desired, chosen length with a maximum width of 485cm.

Ora Pro Nobis is known for tailor-made, high-quality rugs.

We wish you a lot of pleasure discovering our continuous growing collection, where you will even be able to express your own creativity.
We hope to welcome you as one of our future clients via our dealer network.